Secret Method to Get Free Advertising

Secret Method to Get Free Advertising - You only have the imagination and power to get free advertising for your goods and services. There are so many effective ways to support your cause without it costing anything to list them.

One method is to write articles related to your area of expertise and submit them to all media and publications focusing on disseminating related information. In other words, be responsible for creating your own publicity and sales promotions.

Take a big step and show that you are very skilled in your field, then "follow up" on everything you write with a short note that includes your address for catalogs, dealer opportunities, or other information.

Another excellent way is to attend as many interviews or radio or television talk shows as possible. It's much easier to do than most people realize. After writing to the producer of this program, make an in-person visit or telephone call. Your contact initials should emphasize that your product or service will interest the audience or viewers of the program, saving time and money.

Another way to get free or very cheap exposure is to place an ad on every free bulletin board in your area, especially at coin-operated launderettes, convenience stores, beauty salons, and barbershops. Remember to distribute circulars to all consumers who are busy shopping in malls and shopping centers, especially during weekends. You can also enlist the help of high school students in your area to send circulars to homes.

One of the more common methods is to print an advertisement about your goods or services on the front or back of your envelope, along with a return address.

Make sure that each publication contains the type of advertising that you need. Many mail-order publications had just begun offering meager rates to new advertisers, reduced rates for particular seasonal advertising spaces, or free ad insertion for three or more issues.

Additionally, you can take advantage of Per Request (PI) space, which is an arrangement where all orders are sent to the publication, they collect a commission from each customer, and then pass the order on to you to fulfill.

Many publications will give you a contract for space. In this contract, you send them your listing, and they hold it until the unsold space is sold. After that, place your ad at a third or less of the regular price for the space. In addition to these lines, contact your suburban newspaper community.

If you submit or publish any catalog or ad sheet, you may contact all other publishers to request an ad exchange. This means they will display your ad in their publication in exchange for it being the same size as theirs.

Last but not least, free advertising brings incredible visibility and low costs.

Run an ad offering a free report that will appeal to the most people. The report consists of a simple one-pager with a "tagline" asking readers to pay for additional information, with an advertisement for a book or other product at the back of the page.

You may get a lot of responses if you ask for a self-addressed stamped envelope; depending on the appeal of your report and the circulation of the publication in which your ad appears, you can quickly get a lot of responses!

Undoubtedly, the strategy is to convert all responses, or most of them, into profitable information. This is accomplished through a "tagline," which invites readers to access additional information, a full-page advertisement at the back of the report, and additional offers included in the complete package you send back to them.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, it's just a matter of letting your imagination run wild. If you do, you will have incredible powers to help you achieve your goals.

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