How to Migrate WordPress to Blogger

How to Migrate WordPress to Blogger - How to migrate WordPress to Blogspot easily, safely, and quickly is 1000% successful. Through this page, you can understand the stages correctly, and we have tried them ourselves. If you are planning to migrate, try to think carefully about the reasons.

Some people think about costs. WordPress is indeed a CMS that many users use to build websites. Even though this application is considered free, it also costs money to use it.

You are namely buying the best hosting service and several of them. Apart from that, it would help if you also had premium WordPress template support and plugins for your site. This is so that your blog can appear perfectly and work well.

Therefore, maybe that is not the only reason for you. How to Move WordPress to Blogspot is the right decision if you are looking for free hosting services.

By relying on bloggers, you can be free from hosting rental costs, and that will save your finances. If this is now the right reason for you, don't doubt your intentions. With a blogger, you just buy a TLD domain, and that's pretty cheap, too.

You only need to incur annual costs that won't actually harm you. Especially if your site already has monthly income and is very profitable.

Now that you are confident about migrating, you need a guide that can help you. Through this post, we will show you how to move WordPress to Blogspot according to the procedure.

We are sure you will find it easy with this step. We will also complete it with a video tutorial that will help explain it. You can understand everything if you are careful.

How to Migrate WordPress to Blogger

Step 1: Please start by logging in first to your own WordPress dashboard, which you plan to migrate to Blogspot.

Step 2: After logging in, select the Tools menu, then Export. Next, select All Content. Click Download to save the XML file on your computer. Please create a new folder, then move the XML file into it.

Migrate WordPress to Blogger

Step 3: Now, create a new blog using Blogger. Give your blog a title according to the previous one. Likewise, with your blog URL and description, make sure you can adjust them.

Step 4: Then, visit the WordPress to Blogger Converter site. Upload or select the XML file that you previously downloaded from WordPress. Click CONVERT, and wait until finished.

Step 5: Log in to your Blogger (Blogspot). From several available menus, select Settings. Scroll down and turn off the 'Search engine accessible' configuration. This is to avoid duplicate content because your WordPress site has not been deleted. Try not to delete it first.

Step 6: Scroll down again until you find the Manage Blog menu, then select Import Content. Check reCAPTCHA, then click the Import button. Wait until the post-transfer process is successfully loaded on your site.

Step 7: Now, you can keep refreshing your browser until all posts from the previous WordPress can actually be seen on your new blog. Don't panic if you still can't see it. You can still wait until everything is there.

In addition, and as we explained at the beginning, we will complete this post with a video. You can watch this tutorial for more details.

You have completed the steps above on how to move WordPress to Blogspot. After you see that all the content has been imported, pay attention once again to the fact that each post must be re-edited one by one.

This is because all post distances will be different, or existing images will still be stored on your hosting server. Make sure you don't delete your posts on WordPress before you fix the content on Blogspot.

Maybe that's a tutorial on how to move WordPress to Blogspot. Hopefully, this can be a guide that can really help you. Now, you have used a free hosting service, and you can direct your WordPress domain to Blogspot.

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