How to Fix Broken Links in WordPress

How to Fix Broken Links in WordPress - How to quickly fix Broken links in WordPress. The broken Broken link on the site becomes a big problem for the site itself and its owner. This applies not only to WordPress but also to bloggers.

However, when accessed, dead links on sites or errors will negatively impact a site's health.

This is not only for visitors but also for search engines constantly scanning your site. Broken link issues can be the main thing that causes a decrease in visitors and also reduces the level of SEO on the site. It should be as soon as you fix it so your site can recover.

Healthy is not just about the quality of content you focus on; there are other things you need to pay attention to, as used to be our experience; the impact of dead links made our site experience a decline in visitors.

It happened drastically, and we were surprised why the visitors were going down. The same goes for ranking sites that have experienced a decline in search engines and, at the time, have confused us. As a blogger who is still learning, I know this incident is challenging, and we must find a solution.

There's the easiest and most free way to solve the dead link problem on a site. It's a fortune because there's still a service that gives us help without spending money. But, it would take time if we had to do it ourselves manually to find the broken link problem on our content one at a time.

What else is the content on your site? Do you not know which links are inaccessible or experience page errors? This can make your site visitors too lazy to return, even if they're crawling. Usually, the cause of a dead or inaccessible link can start with a mistake when typing the link.

Even if you've felt right before, a lack of precision can ultimately trigger a problem. However, it's not the only thing that can be used as a benchmark because the causes can also be said to be different. It's like there's a change in the domain name or changes in the DNS settings.

Sometimes, the dead link problem can also be on visitors who leave comments, like when entering an inactive site address. Besides, poor server performance can also cause your site to experience a 404 error when accessed. Choosing to host with full performance support can be a key to this.

Now, what needs to be a major concern of yours is to address the broken link problem immediately, and of the many solutions that can be done is to use this one way.

Here's a quick way to fix broken links in WordPress

The first: step is to visit the Brokenlink Check website.

Step two: Once the site is opened, type your site's address, for example,

how to fix broken links in wordpress

Step Three: then you click the Find Broken Links button.

Find broken links

Step four: Next, you confirm by typing the available security code and clicking Find Broken Links Now! 

Step five: Please wait while the T identifies links are dead on your site, and at what time?

Step six: If Complete has been checked, is the link verification process on your site complete?

Step seven: Now, you can click the URL, which will pop up in a new tab on your browser.

Step eight: Now, you can fix the link with an error on your site or delete it if it is unnecessary.

Once you have solved your site's link error issues, we will create good content. Just what's happening right now as a new lesson, and try not to make it n again.

However, you can check that it doesn't happen again, even if it's just a page error. It's always a routine to keep checking every two days or once a week so that all problems can be solved and visitors to your site stay comfortable.

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